September Goodies

September 2022 ~ Mystic's Lifestyle. Are you an Angel Mystic? What do you need in your daily life to nourish and expand your soul experience? We had an unexpected blessing when Archangel Michael took us into a healing temple. Don't miss this!

  • August 2022 ~ The Lion's Gate Activation 1. Learn about Lion's Gate. Hear how we celebrate the Lion's Gate. 2. Holy Self Love Activation. Experience the THREE KEYS of becoming reception to Holy Self Immersion. Become the Ascended Master/ Earth Angel. 3. Sharing the Bliss of Oneness.
  • July 2022 ~ The State of Your Union in Soul Sovereignty. 1. WE had a tough conversation on what is soul sovereignty? Who are we? We were shaken to the core so that we could Transform into our Sovereign Selves. 2. Transformance in the State of Your Union. Powerful!
  • June 2022 ~ One with Everyone, Everything, Everywhere. Join us for a stellar journey into oneness as we express ourselves as Creators. 1. Meet our 3 angel guides, Frequency, Compassion, and Realization. 2. Join us on the journey into the universe, to infinity, and beyond. Experience yourself as Creator of All, acting in union with Source. 3. Hear the interdimensional experiences of love we had as we consider 3 Big Questions.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

PLUS a new feature! RESOURCES. Scroll down to find the Resources Section. You will find the best and most loved meditations here. Enjoy!

With love,

Kimberly Marooney

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