November Goodies

November 2023 ~ 10,000 Steps of Gratitude. Gratitude is an eternal force for co-creation. Heartfelt, soulful gratitude IS the energy of eternal Love. Who helped you to become who you are today? Who will help you become the YOU of tomorrow? Join us for this exploration as we walk the 10,000 steps of gratitude together.

  • October 2023 ~ Harvest Joy.
  • September 2023 ~ You ARE the Light of Love. As we Choose Happiness, we quiet the world around us to focus on the inner temple of the heart where we can sink into stillness. The Beloved is Waiting. Imagine your body dissolving into Light. You ARE the Light of Love. You are free to be anywhere, everywhere, in all of creation. You are an extension of Divine Love. What is your Legacy? How will you leave this world better?
  • August 2023 ~ The Lion's Gate. This is the perfect time to anchor ascension codes and the energy of higher consciousness. We start with a review of the astronomical event. What is the Lion's Gate and what qualities of energy does it bring to us? Then we connect directly with the surge of light and positive energy coming from Sirius and The Great Central Sun to accelerate our ascension. This experience was so powerful that rather than share our experience, we continued in silence in rest.
  • July 2023 ~ Soul Sovereignty. What is the State of Your Inner Union? Explore how you can transcend feeling separate to live your daily life from a greater state of Inner Union.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

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With love,

Kimberly Marooney

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